Time for New

It’s the new year and it is that time again to carefully discard of old things. Things that no longer serve our greater purpose. Things that no longer progresses us. Things that need revisions and major to slight adjustments. Discarding of things that could never propel us.

I know- I know….this has become the constant speech of everyone in your friend list lately, right?!

Well, Change is good and there is no greater sign to change than the presence of an extra number added to the year. Nothing quite says change like realizing that you are getting older every year. And if that season of change happens to fall on the New Year….well, so be it.

So to demonstrate my own change in my life, I am erasing all my prior posts on here. After the deletion I will then begin documenting my day 1 to day 365.


The Year of Progression and Realized Dreams


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