I Owe You, Beautiful!(Love Letter 2 Self)

I owe you respect!

I owe you acceptance!

I owe you Love!

I owe you my patience.

I owe you my loyalty

I owe you compassion

I owe you empathy

I owe you my today and will continue to commit to the plan

I owe you dreams seen and completed, I owe you!!

To see GOD’S good and faithful plan come through

I owe you to not settle for anything that will not eventually bring us to where we need to be in life

I will not manipulate or compromise your principles and standards

I owe you, beautiful!!!

I owe you a beautiful life too!!

No quitting. No compromises, no exemptions, no shortcuts, no bending, no caving in, no accepting less than, no leaving a portion of yourself behind to fit in. Continue the plan and vision set for your life!! Period!!!

I owe you somethings, beautiful!


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