He Bruised!

He Bruised

The world gave him an extinction date
It seemed
He bruised
Love was never fond of him
At least to him
He bruised
Could never really give it back
Something inside was always in lack
He Bruised
Fancy dreams of overcoming feats
Strong was he
He just didn’t quite know it himself
The past kept slamming him back

Endured mighty blows all while he had to keep trucking
The inside lacked
He bruised
Heart was still in pieces
As he rattled on and on about his previous passion fruits
He bruised
Maybe he was looking for
A muse
Though haze was surrounding him
Trying to reach towards a new day
Looking for acceptance in all the wrong places
Displaying rage when all that was needed was patience
Feat after feat
Surrounded by these things
Searching for some common ground
Having just the desire to not grow bitter
But lacking in actions
Wanting to survive for something better
Hiding his pain so no one could see
But at last- I knew better
My dear friend was bruised!
He bruised!
And ohhhh curious I
Desiring always to sit up close and try
To see if the bruised could be better in time
Sacrifice after sacrifice
I learned a dear lesson, my friend
He’s Bruised
Some mishapen- forbidden fruit
Yet …
He’s Bruised
Such a beautiful display of strength and man
But still –
He bruised!!
Long, long before I
And there was nothing you or I could do
He bruised
HIGHER could only make him brighter
He’s Bruised!
Step away Now with just that knowledge
Accept that at last..
That …
He’s bruised
The kind that could never equate with you
For healing comes 1st for
He’s Just Bruised!

But not all sweetie, just a handful are just…..


But I will remember you 😏📝


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