When the will breaks..

When the will breaks-

How can that happen one might say?
While holding on to vigor and strength for that day
Never once realizing that everything has a point
Where endurance and strength could be no more
Shoes that adorn our feet for paths
Could very well snap and leave us at last
Clothes once purchased with high regards
Now appear wounded from constant use and regard
Jewelry once purchased to last generations and time
Could very well diminish its original glimmer and shine
Machines once built with durability and such
Could very well stop functioning due to a much needed tune up
Eyes though bright and could see into distance
May soon need glasses to perform by assistance
Legs so strong and able to withstand
Could very well from pressure need a moment with ground
Pumpkins although bright to adorn our homes with decorative flair and style
May very well decay in time both indoor or out
Meat though used to sustain our appetites
Could very well expire even when the climate is right
Human beings hold no difference to these
When speaking in regards to such things
Just be kind and gentle upon the lives of souls you should come in contact with
Because you never know….
When the will might break or grow weak
In pledge of being a beautiful and kind hearted human being
The kind that always states even if I got my own pressures and things
By my own hands will not be your  blood
By my own mouth..I won’t commit harm and tear you apart ā¤šŸ’‹

Nameless. Faceless and Blameless


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