Profession tied to Passion #6

Profession tied to Passion 

Construction Man
Handy Man
Plumber Man
Hvac and Refrigeration Man
Sanitation Man
Auto Mechanic Man
Brick layer Man
He works with his hands
Not afraid of hard work and such
Not phased by scoffed up boots and such
Hands sometimes calloused because he works hard for his
Money earned from a hard and honest living
Providing for his family is his main business
Determined to own his own shop of trade one day
So better believe
He gets up and attends to his hard work each and every day
And on them laid back days
You might even catch him
Smiling & complimenting women that pass his way

Heyyyy… I see you!

Profession tied to Passion

Photo Credit- J Ma Photography


7 thoughts on “Profession tied to Passion #6

  1. Love this portrayal, and such–Love those two words. Refreshing to read something positive. You’ve inspired me to write only positivity tomorrow, thank you!

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