Profession tied to Passion #5

Profession Tied to Passion

Look at her
She’s a little writer
She started quite young
In 8th grade, she would write and present a composition
A piece that would hang in the class  for half that year
Her very 1st solid recognition
A piece about a teen giving birth to a still born
That in itself was definitely weird
No- She never experienced it
She didn’t even have her very 1st boyfriend
No- She never knew anyone that had went through that too
But for some reason or another
She felt it
Felt the story so deep
She penned down every detail
Of That Mysterious Teen
The two were connected even if she didn’t know why
But back to the subject….
Profession tied directly to passion
And it doesn’t just leave
It lies dormant sometimes just waiting to be released

#Connect With That Dream


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