The Victorious Ones

There was this guy who sat by a pool
He sat in need of a few things
Healing, Deliverance, Assurance and Wellness
As he sat though
Disturbances came
He was pushed aside
And no one witnessing had bothered to help him get in
And so there he sat
Year after year
He kept revisting the same pool area
Year after year
For possibly 38 years
He kept expecting someone to help him
Year after year
He kept desiring to be healed, delivered and made whole again
Good News came and asked the man flat out
“Would you like to be healed? ”
As if to say
Do you really desire this thing or are you just moving and speaking about
your desire for healing, deliverance and wellness
As if to say
Like really, how determined are you?
The gentleman then had an answer to give
Sir, I do desire to be made well
Everytime I move towards the pool
Something comes up
As if to say…
Everytime I move forward a situation happens to me
As if to say…
Everytime someone always bigger and stronger beats me
As if to say…
Everytime I try a disturbance occurs
Everytime I’m left out of what I want and deserve
The GIVER of good news
Didn’t further entertain or address his stated issues
Addressing who did what and who this and that
Would further validate and give him the right to continue to live as a victim
On that same old mat
So HE never addressed it
HE needed him at that very moment to take back his liberty and life
At that very moment in time, it was time to be victorious and in control
At that time, it was time for him to perform action on his road
Not continue to sit and be pacified off of things that happened
Even if it was very distressing and disturbing
It was Time to get up and be victorious in life
So He stated to the man
“Pick up your mat and walk!”
By faith
The man then stood
By faith he took the words spoken to him as evidence to move forward
By faith he declared that very day he would perform actions despite complaints over his previous years
By faith
he would no longer sit around and be inactive
And as he got up
He was healed at that very spot

A Quick reminder to all that you can still walk while picking up every one of your issues to eventually walk towards victory!!!
Having issues never cancels out the victory and blessings in store for your life 😉

The Victorious In Life
John 5:5


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