The Presence of Life

The Presence of Life

One of the things I love the most
Is seeing and witnessing
Life present in folks

The Presence of Life

These things are our thoughts
Our ideas
Our hope despite all things
Our dreams
Our laughter
Our faith
Our joy
Our personalities
Our uniqueness
The very things we find value in

Our functioning and operating
Our distinctly given names
Our principles that we stand on
Our way of living and being
Our survival mechanisms

The Presence of Life

A long time ago
I was able to witness souls enclosed in hidden environments
Who had no presence of Life within
It was mesmerizing as I sat to just witness

There was no life
No thoughts
No ideas
No different functions
As night turned to day
No laughter
No nothing 

No Presence of Life

No hope
No joy
No faith
No noise

Just souls drafted in skin
With no presence of Life within

No different mindsets
No speech
No flicker in the eyes
No spice in the mind
Nothing to set them apart to say…
“See! Here is the presence of Life for this being!”

There was nothing
Just darkness, one could say
And the worst part of all
I don’t believe that they knew it was dark on any given day
They stayed lifeless and systematic routines became their way

Life and new day was possibly long ago thrown away
I do not truly know
All of their stories to say
But one thing was certain
Life and the presence thereof…
Wasn’t displayed

So after witnessing such an experience as this
I love to see the presence of Life displayed
Even if my thoughts don’t line up with theirs
Even if my voice don’t speak the same
Even if my dreams are tailor made
We were all made different
A distinct uniqueness
A beauty to behold
GOD given life beings 

The Presence of Life
Will always remain a beautiful thing


Live Life 💫


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