Power In Them Rolling Hills

Today I See…

That we just cannot afford to walk with everyone on the road. We cannot afford to stay connected with everyone. We cannot afford to pledge in business, friendship or romance  with just anyone who has a pleasant personality. And we can’t “afford” to ….simply because the price attached is too steep. The price is the absence of peace. The price may be the absence of wellness. The price may be the absence of our own individual progression. The price may be the beginning route to our downfalls. The price may be stepping down and away from the stable things we dedicated ourselves to.

So today I see…not everything is worthy of me.
I tussled with this idea at 1st. It seemed high minded(almost like arrogance) but it is not. It’s knowing full well all the energy and work you have placed in certain areas. It’s knowing full well that your life lessons wasn’t free…indeed it has cost you some things. It’s knowing full well your growth didn’t just spring up from a box. You put in long hours and years to develop within. You dedicated much effort and time to form which 1st was practice to stable habit. And that cannot be discarded! That cannot be thrown away. That cannot be misplaced for the comfort of staying connected to anything and anyone.  You cannot afford to be in any union with those who don’t practice the same things.

Wisdom Speaks- There’s Power in them ROLLING HILLS aka GOD!

Did you hear me? There is power in them ROLLING HILLS!!!


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