Her Walk of Faith

While walking my individual road
I came upon wisdom that I needed to know
As I had the opportunity to read about other clouds of witnesses too
My mind went …
So Now What About You?

This was an exciting project that I now had before me
Detail out my very own acts of faith
This wasn’t contingent upon what another could think or say
This would only involve my own individual affirmative actions to say
“This woman right here definitely has faith!”

So I began to write and each step flowed so easily as I scribbled from pen to pad
I started getting excited just detailing out for myself my acts of faith
Sometimes we get so busy in habits that we forget how & why we started out
This list indeed was my faith now written and seen just for me!!!
During those times when it is yet to be seen
And irregardless if my fruitful time has yet to come
& Seedtime- Harvest will guarantee victory is won
It really didn’t matter if that day has yet arrived
I was just excited that I fit and claim the very details of the lifestyle

By faith… She left things
By faith…She remained on HIS Word and the promises given to her
By faith… She didn’t do the things she previously did
By faith…She spoke kindly and pledged to do no harm
By faith…. She held patience with assulting folks on the road
By faith… She gave up possessions for future inherited blessings
By faith…. She obeyed HOLY SPIRIT
By faith…. When she was fearful she practiced faith

By faith. ..She planted seeds and kept it moving

By faith… When she tumbled she remained near HIM
By faith… She listened to instructions for her wellbeing
By faith… If HE said not that…she took it to heart even if her heart was troubled by the ordeal
By faith… She spoke out to help others on similar paths
By faith… She prayed
By faith… She continued to eat from HIS tree opposed to the tree of both good and evil
By faith… She spoke of HIS everlasting love and care

And last but not least….
She kept faith!

Which certainly means she cannot and will not discard or forfeit her progress for anything in this world. Walked too long to sit!!!
Been walking too long to quit!!!!

And remember Abraham was declared righteous because he believed. ❤👌😏

So Now What About You??? Your Turn To Detail it out too


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