I Just Noticed Strength

Wow! It looks like strength to me

Well, here I was just sitting and minding my own business
When suddenly I overheard a brief conversation
It wasn’t whispers or soft tunes spoken
It was indeed loud and said as a joke and open
“Everytime I turn around, you getting yourself injured!”, she said.
He just smiled and continued talking
I smiled regarding her comment made
but I know I wouldn’t have been the one to ever say it
But it struck me too
He was injured yet again but still he moved.
A thought arose…

If indeed I had to come up with characteristics of strength
That would be it
If I had to draft what strength looked like
He certainly displayed the look of a knight
My mind rewinded all the other previous times of injury that I witnessed in his life
Strength was all I could form to think
Every cut
Every bruise
Every fall
Every bandage too (smiles)
You couldn’t help but to see his tumbles
It was just like she said- almost like an every few month occurrence
But guess what wasn’t mentioned
How this guy never quit
How he never hid himself away
How he was unafraid and not ashamed
How you could fashion everything to say courageous
How he would conversate and engage as if no damage was done
How he kept moving and going as if he had never been hit
How he would even stop and conversate as if no bandages was all over  his head
And that day
I said
I now notice the trait and the very characteristic of Strength in man.

#Speaking In Relation To That Equal Yoke Again πŸ’«


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