Did You Notice It?

Did you notice it in her eyes?
There was a shimmering shine
A memory kept dear
A moment in time that she keeps near
Did you notice the smile across her face?
It was an untold story waiting to be released
Some magical and beautiful thing
One that only from living and loving could bring
One that would stay placed inside her heart
No matter if old age came
It would never depart
The valuable things we place in our hearts
Maybe it was a great-grand performing on stage
Maybe she noticed herself in a younger generation
Maybe it was the memory of an once upon lover
Maybe she remembered her 1st time traveling
Maybe she loved the look of all just living and being
Whatever she saw and witnessed
Made a beautiful mark upon the heart then visually appeared before our very eyes
Maybe she just wanted to remind us to live, love and learn through this wonderful experience called life too!

#Simplistic but beautiful details that matter

Love Life


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