The Dancer’s Creed


The Dancer’s Creed

To be…
Inner to Outward Excellence
To be…Strength
To be….flowing from core
To be
Ever evolving and ever moving
To be…graceful
Yet at peace with present and past
To have high expectations but not too drastic where today you can’t last
To be… Loving
To be…Determined
To be…
Ever Courageous and Unrelenting
To be…
Purposeful in each guided step
Listening and adhering to the music while not loosing your step
But even after misstep
To be…accepting
To be…understanding
To be…humble
To be…
Graceful and Elegance
While displaying you
Detailed in movement and actions so that you are always you
To love higher substances of things
Grants a day where you are given a new set of wings
Because you …are quite beautiful and unique and confident too…
While Dancing


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