Stay Watchful


Stay Watchful and Alert

Why do people want you to be miserable?

Why do they insist on making your day bad?

Why can’t they just sit back and enjoy their own lives instead?

Why does it consume them to the point of wanting you dead?

Why can’t you have trustful friends to travel with and live?

Why does the enemy plot so hard to give them a heart set out just for you?

Why do they continually although they know it’s wrong- still harbor and carry hate for you?

Is there some offense that you did?

These are the questions that arise in your head

You try to understand the situation just a little more better

But what if there is absolutely no cause for the action

Will you give them what they seek?

Your blood spilled out so all could see

Should you be like Abel

Trusting of the person and of the situation?

Absolutely Not!!!

Cain conspired and harbored ill

And he wasn’t content or happy until blood was spilled

You simply have to move on and go your way

And hopefully these folks will see light one day

Hopefully they will learn to fix their heart on worthy things

Or maybe just fly a kite, listen to music or sit in the park instead

Hopefully they will learn how to enjoy their own lives

Hopefully they see that hatred is not what it’s all about

Hopefully and I speak that lightly

Because it’s sickness to desire to see and plot on those unlike you

But I guess as I write

Even beautiful storytales are filled with villains too

So Be Watchful and Discerning

Not everyone who says: friend, friend

Has the same heart and mind to just live happy, content & win


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