This Life of Mine


The Travels

Well, I have had a few obstacles this past year
Met betrayal in the face of loved ones and friends
Even lost a few funds while walking along
Experienced quite a few heavy stones
Wanted to ignore and keep pressing along
But the hate and the betrayal began to be too much to take
I had to heal
I had to sit quietly and just be
With No wars, no threats and no disturbances unto me

Well, let’s just say I have not truly arrived to a place where no problems exist
But where I am today is most definitely stability at least
True- not stable and secure on the things that could happen or occur
But one thing for sure
I am in control of my mind remaining constant
And my steady actions
Constant on love
Constant on refusing bitter seeds to get implanted in my heart
Constant on Hope
Constant on lasting
Constant on a brighter day
Constant on relying on faith
Which is trusting not wholeheartedly on the things or disturbances I see

Im alive and well
And trust and believe in old age I will have plenty to share

The best things that I can say is I learned quite a few more things to continue to travel the way!

The Journey-2016
Live. Love. Learn
Strength. Courage. Wisdom


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