The Ups & Downs 💁


The Ups & Downs of Life

Well, there you have it
Detailed in that one sentence
We all encounter it
And even some cannot handle it
The Ups & Downs of Life

Lately, I for surely have had my share
While waiting to reach new heights
Practicing love, patience and understanding
Adding to the mix-
Wisdom, Courage and Strength
Being love and compassionate while maintaining my surroundings
Then bang!!!
Along comes a little disturbance to knock you off square

Could be friends-  family- bills-  death of loved ones- loss of employment- complaints
Enemies in your camp
Or even a simple delay
Could even be (hint, hint) still not finishing that project you orginally made
Or even something nagging like not losing that predetermined weight
And sometimes while enduring heavy situations and disturbances
Our minds quickly take a shift
We want to pout
And shout
And grumble in our tents
We rather sit and soak off – no new groundings yet
We may even desire to sit to the side in discontent

Well this message is for you
Keep pushing through
Be flexible to change
Just unfold those arms and continue
Finish your practices
Uphold  your principles
Maintain your integrity
Bear up in faith
Stay steady on your position
Keep the positive thoughts
Even during brief intermissions where it seems the lights went off
Because certainly in life

We will all encounter Ups & Downs

Just remember the downs do not come to keep you there
It’s finetuning solidness and gold
Exposing possibly some lessons of old
Creating a beautiful heart
Helping you appreciate the value of a new start
Giving you better directions to further adjust

So keep pushing & smiling
Eventually comes a time where your wisdom and experiences will be what another needs

So pack it up and leave the land of complaining
We got places to go and things to see
A New Day Has Shined
And that’s a beautiful sign
That life has been granted
And beauty everyday
constantly surrounds us
And very soon
will come all the seeds
that you
have ever

HE made it a law! 😄🌟

So Smile! It’s A New Day

Live. Love. Learn- 2016


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