Be A Builder!


Your mouth is but a sword

It has the capacity to open up anothers previous wounds

It has power to destroy another being

It has power to cut, wound and hurt

It has power to knock others out of the race

It has power to cause shame, internal bleeding and death

It has power to heal a soul internally

It has power to add days unto life

It has power to help build strength and might

It has power to have one walk head held high on their road

It has power!

So dear

Whenever you speak

Realize the power that forms out of your speech

Realize your message will forever be heard by all the hearers and viewers of Earth

A place that you yet presently reside

If you burn the leaves, what further air have thee?

If you soak up the wells, where and what shall you drink after this ill?

If you burn down homes

Who will help, assist or tarry with you?

You can’t abuse the World and then expect it to care back to you

And you..

Only you

Have power to destroy mankind

Or help build mankind

Take this to heart and mind

The very next time

Words desire to leave from your lips

Mass destruction or global helping

The decision lies within each

Be A Builder!


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