Cool Week


My Life And The Many Adventures

Sunday, March 27, 2016


This week I was able to do a few paintings. 

Although my edits are now ready to complete- I felt like doing something different this week. Groupon offered a $20 art supply pass for $10 dollars. That’s a deal!

I never explored the realms of painting and sketching but I love the arts so I figured why not?!

It was fun! Painted one painting in colorful circular designs. It’s even displayed in my living room right now.

Then I painted a portrait of a woman. I named that one – She Speaks! Out of the portrait, I have words flowing out of her mouth – Peace, Faith, Love and Hope. For my very 1st time doing a portrait painting-  it’s not bad!

That will also be going up on my wall somewhere.

So that was the brief highlights of my week. Exploring the artistic side of drawing and painting.

So should you- go do something fun, interesting and artistic!

Live. Love. Learn 2016


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