Everyday We Must Choose


Every single day of your life
Will present stones, if you will,
That will grab or reach for our main focus and attention

Everyday a stone will come into your life
To decide which way you will follow
One could be drama
Another could be pain
And yet another could be disappointments and things

And yes, these stones could very well be distressing
Could very well be too much to intake
Could possibly be overwhelming
Yes- no denying that

But you know what I discovered?

That even the handicap man in a wheelchair
May face almost similiar things
But yet…he has time to smile
Time to explore his surroundings alone
Time to pick up his mat and continue on in life
He could have sat in despair
Sat in pain
Sat in distress
Sat in hurt from the past

But he didn’t!

He chose the best stone that works for him and for his continual existence


So if he can…we certainly can pick up the stone as well that best serves us.

Live.Love. Learn- 2016


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