If Writer’s Block Were A Town..


Thank goodness, I am not here today but this seemed like a very fun exercise to write about today.

Afterall, us writers must constantly use creativity and not be stuck in one dimension of writing. Who is to say whether fiction, poetry, mystery, autobiography, article writing..etc, is our main thing? Besides who as a writer would ever like their writings drafted in one section for life. Seems like a death sentence to me.

Ok, Ok…I think I just traveled off. Lol ! Gotta love us writers for that one.

Anyway, if Writer’s Block was a town.

Carmen stayed inside of the hotel for three days straight. Only today, she actually felt like exploring the town. She began planning in her mind all the wonderful local activities she would do.

1) Go eat breakfast at the diner down the road
2)Walk down the road and window peek inside of a few stores
3)Take pictures of any interesting things on her way
4)Visit the local park and sit and take in how the locals enjoyed life there
5)Maybe even rent a bike and go exploring some other parts of this great town

Yep, she had her whole list detailed perfectly out.

She only heard about the town from others who traveled there before. They never really spoke much about the town but she figured they were hiding something. They just wanted to hide all the great details of the city. Being selfish and not wanting Carmen to travel there. Whenever she asked about the town- they always just seemed to be disinterested in sharing the true experience.  They painted her the picture of a place that was faraway from her experience. It seemed almost like a town where you would be stuck inside. Their theories wouldn’t work for her though; she would just rather decide for herself.

So she determined they must have been hiding something. Who could ever travel to a land that you couldn’t explore! !!!

Well, today she was here and today was a perfect day to travel outside.

Grabbing her lightweight jacket she excitedly made her way out of her hotel room.

Suddenly as if day had become night just that fast- everything appeared to be closed! !!!!!!

The diner she saw on her cab ride to the hotel was closed.  No outside lights blaring and no inside lights inviting passerbys inside. No crowds of people entering or leaving like she had witnessed while passing.

She looked up the street and the stores were also now closed. 

What was going on?
Was this some sort of ghost town?

She glanced down in a panic at her wrist watch. The time read back- 10 a.m.

It was morning. The sun should be out. The stores should be open. The diner should be packed.

She just couldn’t understand things.

She had no other choice but to walk up the street and sit inside the park. What a horrible trip she thought as she walked towards the park. A few inches she then discovered a big wooden sign blocking her passage into the park.

Forget reading the sign, she wanted to enter the park. As she tried to dismantle the wooden barrier- papers as if leaves fell down suddenly. Each push she made to the wooden barrier made loose- leaf papers fall suddenly upon her like snowflakes.

What is going on?” Carmen thought while looking up the road for locals.

She bent down to pick up one of the loose- leaf papers to read. Maybe it was a warning. Maybe a message. Nothing or no one else was around so she could better understand things. She turned the paper over and behold this was the message:


Now she understood while others never told her everything. They also had to stay there to grow and explore life more.

Writer’s Block Town


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