HE Creates..


My Life And The Many Adventures

Friday, March 11, 2016

HE is…

Saw this picture with its vibrant colors and thought… Yes, this is nice! Later came exactly what my mind would think of for what I wanted to express.

Each color represents so many dimensions in life.  From pain, courage, hope, faith, love, learning, growing,  forgiving…etc. I will just stop there because truly the list can go on for days.

And then I thought about how GOD shapes all those colors together for HIS purpose in mind. HE brings us from the negative zone into the correct and positive zone.

HE brings us from our act of forgiving others-  gifts of beauty. Our gifts become a perfect and moldable heart that HE can use and do beautiful things to. And who knew, it even includes our healing.

Our pain, HE turns into victory.  We hand HIM pain in the form of our prayers and releasing all our heart to HIM over that thing and Bang! Suddenly comes a day where for the pain HE hands us beauty. That beauty comes in so many different forms.

Lessons learned, wisdom, change, hope and sometimes HE even has a few folks pay dearly for their wickedness committed on us. It’s done so they may learn and grow too.

There’s beauty- vindication but from the LORD’s hand. And the greatest thing is sometimes we can actually be able to help and encourage  another out who is experiencing similar on their road.

I could go on for days off of the many things that HE does but check out the picture once more!!

Once all the colors blend…it forms a rainbow of colors.  And I don’t know about you but rainbows signify promises!!!

So there!

HE creating something.  HE up to something.  HE forming something. And best believe when HE is done….possibly our promises given to us comes!

I love it ! 💫


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