Profession tied to Passion


My Life And The Many Adventures

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Profession tied to Passion

Well, it’s true!

What do you love to do?
What’s the thing that you would even do for free?

Because your heart is so committed- it’s almost identical to you.

For the painter- it’s his passion and often his pain.
He will work all night and day just to create.
And may don’t even make a dime for the detailed painting
So what’s in it for him?
Why does he do the thing so vigorously and hard?
Because it’s connected to him

It’s a way that he heals
Painting allows him to speak
It displays all that he is and think
It’s an one of a kind
It captures and details his heart and mind
It states- I was here!
I was born in this world for this thing here
It states here is how I operate and behave


And let’s say a day came where he finally gained his 1st customer
Well, that would be his happiest day
Even if for his work he just received a penny that day
Passion is tied to profession


Take the woman who desires to help others out and encourage
She spent her life prior to that day developing
She learned valuable lessons and gained priceless inspiration from ABOVE
Now she gets on a mission of spreading that love 
She remembers herself
Remember her prior location
She remembers that she needed Christ’s guidance and friendship
Heck, she still do
And behind that 
Is why she do what she do

She receives no true monetary value for her labor
The reward for her is that another soul elevates and be better
She is her most happiest then
And she counts all forgotten
Even if she had to gain scars to help another win

She remember her own life
So she writes and motivates
Spends time and energy to plan things accordingly
Many late nights and early mornings
Just to hope one can be better one day and see

But it’s all worth it 
Because as I stated before

Profession is often times tied closely with passion

And having passion so strong
May very well never leave you alone
It can cause great pain and even suffering
On that one day of joy
Everything prior will appear almost like nothing

Because the two coincide
And profession is tied to passion
So as always with everything
She keeps hope, faith and love strong
So tomorrow she can continue on!

The splashes and beauty of life
Hope. Faith. Love



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