So True Right? ??


For me it seems there are alot of solid concrete ideas that I have just sitting in reserve. Just awaiting birth. Just waiting for me to pick them up and carry them with me for …..let’s say….anywhere from 6 months to years.

The problem lies in which one to pick up 1st and do!

Us creative minds!! Is this also “So You”?

We have a particular thought or idea for now, another one for after that is done, one for next year, this one for when more funds come….and the list goes on for days.

I guess this picture I found was right or at least to me it holds a bit of truth.

We have a billion ideas just patiently waiting for our day of readiness and approval. Waiting to finally gain our focused attention again.

Creative Minds Are Often Never Tidy because we’re thinking, solving, researching, creating, planning, operating, tasking,  delegating, writing, prioritizing and we can’t forget also functioning in our current occupations or roles.

So we create! And our minds may not be as tidy as anothers…

But who cares because We Create!!! 😀💫


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