Love Never Costed Much


Well today I received a phone call. A phone call that was very much needed for me today.

Before I begin I must say that -Love Never Fails! That which is planted will eventually come back unto you.

Seedtime- Harvest at its best!

For three years this gentleman was one I sowed heavy seeds of love,  faith and hope into. For three years he seemed almost unaffected. At times when I was ready to give up- things happened so that I wouldn’t. 

Too many to name them all here but with certainty I can say it was all GOD illustrated. I can say that during his time of my planting- there would be times where he was shocked and humbled. But soon he was back into the hard stance. So I truly never knew if things were working. 

Today though- guess who planted seeds into me!

Beautiful Moment and I feel greatly encouraged.

Our act of love is not in vain.
Our act of patience with others are not in vain.
Our seeds of hope planted are not in vain.
Our time and our energy are not in vain.
Our compassion shown to others is not in vain.
Our kind words are not in vain.
Our bearing with our brothers and sisters during their moments….
Is Not In Vain!!!

Now if I can learn the importance of taking away my set and opposed time restraints- then and only then would I be more free to see…

It’s never in my timeframe but only lies in GOD!

I just plant- GOD does the growing up!

Encouraged- Inspired- Motivated


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