A New Day


My Life And The Many Adventures

Thursday, March 3, 2016

It’s A Beautiful New Day

Nothing compares to the absolute beauty in and of life.

A new day to appreciate lessons from the past
A new day to change and perform better
A new day of creating memories and experiences 
A new day of laughter and love
A new day to develop
A new day to commit to different practices both worthwhile and great
A new day to thoroughly appreciate everything on your plate
A new day to love
A new day to practice patience
A new to forgive
A new day to let go
A new day of hope
A new day of favor
A new day of grace
A new day to recover from your falls or mistakes 
A new day to adjust your mind
A new day to change your thoughts or heart
A new day to heal
A new day to breath and learn to be still
A new day awaits
A new day of humbleness 
A new day of victory
A new day to listen
A new day to take hold of wisdom
A new day to try new things and learn
A new day is born
A new day represents all of these things

I am just grateful to be apart of the new day! Hopefully you are too.

Live.Love.Learn- 2016


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