Let’s Test To See What You Made Of 💪


Our faith is such a wonderful yet complex thing. On one hand, we experience our extremes and high moments of joy, faith and ecstasy. And next comes the questioning.

“Will devastation rule?”
“What will happen to me next?”
“How am I supposed to develop from this?”
“Dear GOD, are you listening?”

Those moments are none other than faith testing and strengthenings. For indeed we walk from faith to faith and experience new heights after we endure. This walk is not by sight but by faith alone. And that faith is reliance, assurance and complete trust from what GOD has decreed or said.

Haaa!!! Such a beautiful depiction in words but when you are in the middle…those poetic and simple life given instructions won’t seem as simple to you. That’s truth!

Those intense moments where it feels like we are on the cross yet again- guess what?
We need it, believe it or not. We need to feel and understand both sides of the pendulum. Without experiencing difficulties, could we really gear up and help another look towards LIGHT in their troubles?
Without feeling lack, could we really sympathize with those who are there?

Without feeling lost at times ourselves , could we really truly and sincerely help the lost?

The answer is No! We have to experience some things. Work out some things. We have to grow up in some things. And best of all- we will have to be confronted in regards to our faith!

Even after salvation us Christians have gotten spoiled! Yes, yes, yes- I will be the very 1st to admit- HE spoils us and has placed a hedge around us. I see why the enemy wanted an opportunity to test Job.

“After all this time with the hedge around him- does faithful Job still appreciate you as the day when he had nothing spiritual or physical to rejoice in and be glad?”
( -Paraphased in my own wordings-)

We have probably been so comforted and joyful with missionary work, teaching and working that we forgot the intense struggle from darkness to light. If you won’t admit- I will! I remember my earlier days teaching and guiding but those intense feelings before salvation passed away like a poem passed along in a deep sea. It was understandable and relatable but the intensity as with childbirth, I no longer felt.
The HOLY SPIRIT & time had repaired me.

So GOD before elevation tests the sincere quality of all that HE has made and grew up. It’s almost like- “I have been working on you for so many years, now let’s see during trials and testings will you still walk in ME. Will you still perform the steps? Will you still continue your habitual?

And I believe in relation to you and myself- that answer will be yes!

 And this is the will of him who sent me, that I shall lose none of all those he has given me, but raise them up at the last day. For my Father’s will is that everyone who looks to the Son and believes in him shall have eternal life, and I will raise them up at the last day.” – John 6:39-40

Just a simple kickstart to say- during rain, trials, pressures or situations and even when we can’t hear HIM- Continue your faith and continue your DIVINELY orchastrated habituals.

Faithwalk thing. After the testings comes beauty! Afterall, Christ will never lose us! Endure & Trust Hopefully✌

Live.Love & Learn


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