Inside The Jazz Room- She Sung


The rhythm and vibrant sounds were pouring out the door
A Soulful expressionist sound was flooding the streets
The next move would be to open up and see
Who the performer was on stage
As she echoed and quieted the place with her song that filled the space
Melodies Filled with both calm, peace, love and rage
Her words were deep and filled with passion, mystery and indeed quite personal and unique
You could tell by the words
She been through some things
But yet
There lied strength from all she endured
She turned into a wise woman of both character and virtues
Turned to a woman of nobility and passion
Turned to a woman of GODLY characteristics
Turned to a woman of purposeful and determined actions
Turned to a woman with courage and dignity
Turned to a woman who has endured plus learned from many things
And as the very last sound
Gravitated out of her mouth
All you could do was smile
At the woman
Who sung and spoke out
On every possible thing she lived and learned about
She’s a Jazzy Woman
With a soul you could feel
And her song left echos in your mind so your soul could then feel

Live.Love & Learn


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