The Forbidden Fruit

The Forbidden Fruit


It came small

Almost appeared like nothing at all

But it was deception and bait

Will you eat the fruit today?

Maybe not today, so let’s try for tomorrow – he thought

After all- just look

It’s good for food and can further progress you

Just take of the substance

And you dear

Shall be like none other

Besides what’s death anyway?

What does that even mean?

And you mean to tell me – you will experience death?- I doubt it- unseen!!!

So she looked once more

Maybe, maybe

I could still partake

From fruits of GOD & from the tree of knowledge of good & evil

So she then looked once more

And then after time she ate the bait

Then death in spirit never looked so clearer before that day

Don’t take the bait

Don’t eat the fruit my dear

Heard some folks will lead you out the garden so…..

Stay Clear

of The Forbidden Fruit

It’s Just Not Healthy For You

Live.Love & Learn


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