The Equal Yoke

Well I haven’t touched my book yet to accurately finish it but…these thoughts been flooding.

The Equal Yoke


Two combined on one accord

Mind, Body & Spirit

Mentally they both get it

Physically they attract

Now only requirement left would be that Spiritual connect

Who dictates?

Who rules?

We equal on spiritual development or we lose.

You standing on higher principles or not?

Indeed, the last criteria is a diamond in the rough

Personality is cute

Physical attraction too

But when those pieces fall away

What is left of you?

Who you walking with?

Who you hoping in?

What fruit do you have?

What areas left unmasked?

Where does your guidance come from-

ABOVE or prides, illusions & situations of the past?

Because truth be told

We all just want an equal yoke

Someone built up by HIM to walk through the rain

Much experienced on his own during his own walk of faith

Handled many burdens before you came

If you walk today or tomorrow

In Christ is his name

And in HIM he shall stand

The Equal Yoke is the final criteria for a man

Can both bear the weight together as they walk?

Become tied together as we both carry a destined yoke?

Because whether sunlight or a few heavy drops of rain

Can we bear the same reflection of light through everything?

In Christ

They remain

Yeahhhh….The Definition of ….

The Equal Yoke

Live.Love & Learn


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