May We Make Yellow


Love- When We Make Yellow

When various colors splash together to create

Your mix of greens and blues

Mix together with my reds and oranges too

But somehow with the understanding & working in harmony from spirit and mind

We magically make more yellow

Than any other color combined

We just blend together in peace , love and happiness

From spiritual, physical and mental

We just click

An Equal Yoke – That it is!

The physical attraction is quite easy to attract

So we had to hear & see if our minds 1st could connect

Then after the mind and personality test

We had to figure out if our spiritual sides connect

What’s our thoughts on MOST HIGH?

You walking in TRUTH (Spirit filled) or consumed under the lie?

And then finally we saw

Each other in a new exciting light

We spoke GOD to each other

We was both blown away

As we had the opportunity to finish each other’s sentences on that day

From scripts, purpose, vision,  missions & things

Could it be the equal yoke?

I’m sure both our minds were thinking that way

Months later… We then received the very same revelation at the very same time

That we were the match and who each other have been preparing for all this time.


After marriage we discovered

The very meaning of

” The two shall become one”


Because all three parts of you

Spirit, Body, & Mind

Connected to all three parts of me

And it’s amazing to see

That we actually do make more of the color yellow!

Live.Love & Learn


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