Faith!!! 👉🏃



Faith is like a plunge that one must make
There will be no assurance as you dart on the way
There will possibly be only one clear instruction
And that shall be Move!
That shall be the very beginning too
It will appear like you might injure yourself on the way
It may even appear as if no one is guiding your way
But the moment you plunge
You show GOD extreme trust
And HE loves for HIS people to rely strictly on HIM to bring about positive results
On one hand self plays and wants to dictate the rules
But faith says- Whether fall or high waters
My stand on faith is all about YOU
GOD honors the man who thinks like this too
It may require you to not know much while walking the road
But one word from HIM should give you assurance
Just as with the man many years ago
Worried that his servant would die before he returned
He spoke to Jesus about needing a healing
And as Jesus was planning to follow him towards the mission
The man stated such truths
“If you just say the word, I will know it is true!”
If you just say that healed is what will happen
Then I will take YOUR word and continue in actions
If YOU just say- “It is done!”
I will then know that the battle is won
Such great faith- Jesus replied
For he wanted all disciples and those near to see
“This right here is what Faith shall be”
I have never seen a man of such great faith in all of Israel before- He spoke
The lesson is if you call upon HIM
Or hear a word from HIS servants
And instantly it served as a received answer to your situation
Then it is yours
The next act of faith
Is remaining on it
For let it be done as YOU spoke LORD
And certainly on a future day…
HE as well will say
I have never seen such great faith!
My faithful servant let it be done as you believed.

Live.Love & Learn


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