Generational Love & Traditions


Generational Love & Traditions

Bestowed Upon The Younger Generation
Lies Great Principles and Beauty Indeed
For Teach Them While They Are Young
And When They Grow Old They Shall Not Depart From These Things
Teach Them…Love
The Way
Teach Them..
Where The Soul Finds Rest On Scattered Days
Teach Them…
Fine Arts
New Starts
Being Unique
And Most Definetely Set Apart
So When They Travel Their Roads
Your Early Instructions Guides Their Heart
Prepares Them For Peace
Teach Them
Raise Them
Show Them The Things Of True Value
Are Embedded Within
Display Character So Thick
Whether Night or Morning
They Know Your Moves During Everything
Teach Them..
Build In Them Maturity
To Do Things With Purpose
To Always Remember The Things In Life That Stays True
From The Older Generation Unto The New
Teach Them So They May Teach One Day Too.

Generational Love & Traditions

Live.Love & Learn


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