Every Seed Sown..


What it is in the heart will adamantly grow
Even during those times when unforgiveness is sown
The times when others and situations around have hurt you so
But each day you have the opportunity to discard them to grow
So let today be a day of proper seeds for you
No rightful purpose for the wrong seeds to grow within you
This is your life
Your constant and purposeful plight
Of making and accepting a new of deliverance
Beauty and health comes upon the heart and soul
Who rather discard all things unfruitful for health
This is your time
To accurately decide
What shall and will be best for your beautiful insides
If you desire wellness and blessed environments
Then let all unhealthy seeds die
And grow a new seed within its place for a future harvest of great

Every Seed Sown Shall Be Released
Live.Love & Learn


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