Seedtime – Harvest


Seedtime- Harvest

Soon comes a day where you will sit back and see your dedicated harvest.This era comes after you have plowed and worked much in the field. Whether the sowing is from that of self improvement, love, faith, hope or kindness- That anticipated day will be your very own harvest.


The harvest day comes after a time of much plowing and planting. Much resistance and dedication. Much frustration, tarrying and waiting. Much sowing and planting.

And to think it all started small as just a simple seed planted to stand your ground.

An action you were fully committed to- continue with strength because one day soon comes Harvest Day For You!

A small act that led to a practice and habit that’s continually seen. Sowing love, hope, kindness, faith and discipline soon reaps a harvest of everything you have been outwardly expressing to be. Whether reading to inquire knowledge, building on truth and honesty- one day soon comes the natural day harvest.


Keep up your faithful sowing for in due season comes the hopeful and future harvest!

Seedtime- Harvest – 2016


Live.Love & Learn


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