HE Remembers!


And HE remembers the little things about you too.

How you like watching free birds in the sky- how just the look of them flying delights you. And it seems HE allows them to fly around you just so you can see them dance in the sky.
HE Remembers!!!

How you have a favorite song that you like- how the song reminds you of your life. How it reminds you of all HE brought you through. Then all of a sudden it plays just for you.

HE remembers

How HE wakes you up when you are running late. Alarm clock went off and you hit the snooze. Figuring you would get up before it’s too late but you fell asleep again. Only this time, HE HIMSELF awakens you with urgency. And you smile because you know this attention and love came from Above. HE remembers!

After my morning walk..these things came to my mind because as always HE Remembers!

And HE remembers you too!

Live.Love & Learn


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