Never Lose Your Praise


It can become overwhelming at times, right?
Distress from there, hectic work schedules there, family disturbances, illnesses and sickness, trials, enemies arise, unequal associations, plots from others… It is safe to say that sometimes living life can get us caught up into those intense and stressful moments. We all will face challenges but the LORD is our strength.

King David also went through a few seasons of his own. The ark of GOD was now being ushered back into his land. With praise and overwhelming joy, he performed. David and all of the people were celebrating with all of their might. Dancing with shouts and sounding of trumpets. Leaping and grateful dances- ecstatic to have the LORD’S presence. Shouts and dances heard from all that was near. Whether they looked at him strangely, he didn’t care. After all, he had the presence of the LORD.

After his dance and joyful praise, he went inside to bless his household with that same faith, joy and praise. Assuming his wife would also greet his same hopeful and enthusiastic spirit. To his surprise, she didn’t feel the same inside.

She stated- ” How the king of Israel has distinguished himself today, disrobing in the sight of slave girls as any other man would.”

Now the powerful and Impactful words of David to her response sets this whole article up.

He spoke- “It was before the LORD, who chose me and assigned me. I will celebrate before the LORD! I will become even more undignified than this, and I will be humiliated in my own eyes. But these servant women you speak of, I will still be held in honor.”
(2Samuel 6:17-23)

I love it! Such a noble stand. Such a praise that says- It’s not about you, them or anything. This praise is solely about the joy, favor & presence I received. This not about reputation or status this between GOD & me. HE delivered me from much and with joy and happiness I will continue to sing. I will dance even if some say I am humiliating myself. I will be humbled to the point of my own shame- this not about you, them or me….for unto the LORD I will praise, dance and sing.

See, David remembered the heavy encounters that he just escaped from. He knew who delivered him from every one of those situations. He remembered his earlier years while just a young man living under his father’s home. He remembered being just a shepherd boy. He remembered how his family had regarded him there. He remembered how young he was when getting anointed as king. He remembered the honor he felt that GOD had chosen him to lead. Now let’s fast forward, he was harrassed by Saul the King. He lived and hid inside of a cave to avoid his death and downfall. He remembered feeling all alone. He remembered defeating Goliath, a man known and feared. He remembered GOD’S strength displayed through him to conquer him there. He remembered the LORD’S advice on whether he should conquer, stay put or go. He remembered the LORD through all his highpoints and troubles.

Michal’s (David’s 1st wife) character is displayed as well throughout this script. She may have been more concerned with maintaining position. She could have been more impressed with the thoughts and minds of the people. She might have been more concerned with the proper image but here we see the correct stance.
Our praise isn’t conditional on any woman, man or circumstance.

We are called to be different, marked with a special distinction (The HOLY SPIRIT)- don’t let nothing or no one shake you from that position.

Sometimes hanging around wrong associations could also cause one to think- “Maybe I should lessen my praise. Maybe I shouldn’t be at full strength so I can avoid others taking offense. ”

It is also there we have to also take the same position as David.

We belong to the HOLY ONE not situations, disturbances or people.
This is why we praise because we know full well that through all and everything – HE is our strength.

The next time you are around associations or experience some disturbance that wants you to take a different frame of mind… Go through your own record of experiences like David. If GOD has spoken to give you peace..the only requirement for you is to believe. If you have read a script that certainly caused you to place it to heart..don’t hestitate or deny your heavenly instructions for your life.

Don’t lose your praise! Even before we see it- we jump, praise and sing. That’s a faith action that verifies we believe and have faith in the King.

Don’t lessen yourself… Don’t try to fit in. Don’t try to take others thoughts and mind on things.

For you truly know even during distress and situations … GOD has risen you above those things. So reminder to all…
Never Lose Your Praise!
Not even to satisfy some so they can relate.
Be Who GOD Created You To Be and Continue to Have Joy & Believe!

Could you believe even after he shared why he praised…Michal despised him still in her heart? That’s reality right there. You could share why you praise, why you sing, why you have joy and there will still be some who won’t care to know of HIS Power and Works.

Oh well…the point is this not about them or anything else…this about the power of HIS might and Love.
So we..

Never Lose Our Praise!

Not even to fit in with people, places and things!

Psalms 13:6 – I will sing to the LORD, for HE has been good to me!

Let this continue to be your stand too.


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