She Would Be Beauty!


If my grandmother was here…she would be beauty! ❤

There was a crink in her hand

But her heart was gold

Shimmer in her eyes

Slow pace in her steps

Wrinkles on her face

But priceless wisdom and grateful heart developed her soul

She was priceless

A gem to her family

A woman of beauty

And age settings and characteristics could never measure her beauty

Smiles that told a million stories and times

Wisdom on her lips

A Grand- Mom!

With grace and elegance in her steps

Character and Integrity formed her every move

Traditions and stands

Dictated her lands

Nourished generations

You the 1st on the Totem Pole”, she would say

Her own special way of saying

You the first grand

Special attention and wonderful adventures we took

Holiday seasons was always filled with traditions

Her own uniqueness added to the mission

Of family, love and gatherings

The memory to mind is..

She is beauty


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