She Kisses The World..


She kisses the world with happiness, peace and joy

Because She Loves Herself

And she loves her GOD

And all the wonderful things HE did with her heart

And she loves her freedom, creativity and gifts implanted within

And she loves the fact that when she couldn’t see them

HE was there

To travel her from far distant places and things to get her here

GOD has recreated her such a wonderful heart

But this is not of her own.. HE planned it from the start

Decorated and made her brand new

So you see why she kisses the world like she do

She lives in another world unlike that of today

Exactly like… “In the world but not of it “, you could say

And her reason for this is because HE says with this practice she can flourish

She meditates both night and day

So she becomes like a tree planted by fruitful springs

She takes her breaks away from the world when it is necessary and best

She purposely and on request pulls herself back

She knows some situations and people she can’t be around

She used to rebel over these given commands

But since that era

She has truly learned who Is her best friend, counselor and TRUTH

Trust and believe HE concerns HIMSELF with every one of her issues

So she peacefully kisses the world

Peace, joy, love and happiness welcomes her everyday

She pays no attention to negative or hate

And even when a situation sprouts

She trusts in her GOD

for that’s what it’s all about

She rely on HIS Word

During unseen hopes and dreams

HE gave it to her

So she know she will win

It’s called Faith

And HE never lets her walk away

HE forewarns her early about the road

But if she listened to other things

She wouldn’t be able to see

So you see why she stays close

HE has prepared for her the right and correct road

So she listens and

Write down revelations and keep the knowledge close

And even when she falls

She goes back to that revelation received because she kept it to heart

So she kisses the world

She has been transformed like that of the clam when it forms the priceless pearl

Money, people, media & things are not her gods

So she stays connected to the love and peace inside

She truthfully and sincerely

admit, repent and accept

all errors and flaws
All because HE is her GOD

So she kisses the world from the overflow inside

And even when she is hated for standing on Truth and HIS ways

She never distresses to absolute mess

Because Afterall..HE is her GOD!

So she gives the world a slow, calculated and purposeful kiss

Because GOD causes her to regain position and stance

Even when she falls and miss

And why you may ask?

Because GOD is her GOD

And HE Never Quits

So she kisses the world

With Happiness, Joy and Care


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