When one looks and thinks lonely
I say strength and courageous
Because although alone
Lonely just don’t quite sum up this strong woman’s position and character
Sure, she could giggle and kee with those unlike her
But you see…
It takes strength, hope and courage to deny self of those false things
Sure, she could entertain the senses with someone suitable for a time
But you see….
It takes strength, wisdom and courage to turn away and stand with righteousness for any amount of time
Sure, she may spend many days alone on her walk
She could even have very few that she can soul to soul connect with and talk
But you see…
It takes strength, hope and courage to pursue on in spite of those wanted things
Sure, the subject may desire and want quite a few things in her heart
But you see…
The longer she waits
And the longer she trusts
And the longer she relys on HIM to bring about results
She gets polished and made into a magnificent gift to behold before the world
A gift to herself and others
Indeed GOD Given
So you know it will last
And one day soon
All the grief, lonely feelings, distress and sadness will be the past
And on that day
Her cup shall runneth over
With joy and happiness so deep
She will have plenty to display and give to all she pass & see
And all because
Through doubtful times and heart struggles
She never gave up
She believed in her GOD
She knew it was just an experience to better build her up
So you see…
That woman was actually
Strength, Courage & Hope
And loneliness could never describe her yoke
To me she was tied to strength, faith, courage, love and hope
Even when others visually see her travel alone
Soon will be her promised inheritance and land
A land all her own
And GOD will forever guard and protect her gates
From every danger or any interferences trying to snatch her or the promises away
And all that I picture is her cup runneth over
With joy and happiness so deep
Because although she had to wait….
GOD was all along making a way.
So to me, you see…she is the picture of strength, courage, hope, love and faith!
And never once does any death word describe the priceless jewel she is and will continually be on that day.
Even when…
She walks alone.

For loneliness is not a character of any human being but it is a description of a momentarily feeling expressed for a today grief. Never a title or a description of all the priceless women waiting on faith. I wrote this in response to a woman who shared her loneliness. Although she was describing her brief feelings towards things- feelings are temporary. They never last. The lasting and true value of immeasurable things is founded and grounded on stands, principles, values, integrity, hope, actions and love. Everything else is merely an experience. As I hoped I encouraged her along her walk- this poem has encouraged me as well when I often get discouraged and think lonely as well.

Live.Love. Learn
Be beautiful all

Portrait by- Tamara Pruessner


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