The Crystal Stairs


Life for me ain’t been no crystal stairs

I endured and sacrificed alot to get here

I was once a fool in the land

Giving and Hoping in everything seen by man

Loving and sacrificing

All that was me

Assuming that life consisted of these unhealthys

Lived in a tomb of death

Suffered misery, regret, hard labor and sweat

Depended on people more than I should

And with all that hoping- my soul died too

I never knew the power was within Christ

I kept sacrificing my hopes, values and dreams in my past life

But with all the bitter you now read

Don’t assume my life just ends there

In time and with GOD

I learned valuable lessons that I wouldn’t trade in

Learned many things that I carry within

Learned that equal association is a necessary thing

Learned that each day I make choices

Even when I choose to rely in another

That was me giving of self and handing too much trust to others

So yeah

Life for me ain’t been no crystal stairs

But GOD has a plan

Not dependent on my mistakes, ignorance or fear

HE wins the final battle

So HE says so should I

And it’s not related to the things I often perceive with my own eyes

Everlasting joy HE gave to me

That unsurpassing peace HE bestowed upon me

That love that overflows to depths so high

A heart of compassion to do more than cry

HE made me a ministering and encouraging spirit

The truth speaks even when you have to read it

So yeah

Life for me ain’t been no crystal stairs

I had more enemies than I care to share

More situations that little old me could ever face

And when I thought I was alone guess who showed HIS face

And brought sunshine out in the midst of darkness

Silenced enemies both known and unknown

My life is in the hands of One who sits and watches from HIS high throne

My soul rests in GOD

even during my climb up those often rough and tough stairs

Because no matter the pressure or situation

I know HE IS HERE!

So yeah

Life for me ain’t been no crystal stairs

But one day I know HE will lead and take me there

To gaze and to smile while walking up those crystal stairs


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