Seedtime- Harvest


Left in her hands was seeds to sow and not to carry

Bury them now for future and later growth

Whatever the seeds were it must be now given away

Trusting completely in HIS Sovereignty

Relying completely on that which was spoken

The release would provide the doors that would open

Enchanted by illusions to maybe keep it and remain

But she knew as the other saints did

You keep then future growth couldn’t come your way

So her last moment was made looking carefully at the grain

Peaceful Smiles and instilled hope as she laid each one down

Her seeds she no longer needed to keep around

Sowing and reaping

This was a law she been quite used to

Seedtime then harvest

And further along the road

Will be more that she had to leave and discard

Sowing and Reaping

Seedtime and Harvest

It’s Just Principle!

Live.Love & Learn

Photo provided from Pinterest, not property of Bbpublishing.


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