The Matters of The Heart


The subject of offense is not new to any. Offenses can come from numerous things. It can come from work related drama to conflicts with family to someone thought of as a friend displaying their true character. It could be being kind and nice and getting just the opposite in return. These offenses present to us now the opportunity to learn. Learn and grow so we can move forward in growth.

Be assured while living life that often times offenses will come and show up. Now that we have tackled that- let’s talk about what the offense desires as the ultimate plan.

It desires to move you towards error, wrong actions and to get you to quit your stable and lifelong commitment of Love. It’s used to get you to change up your heart. Used to get you to be blinded in the dark. But now that we know- we can’t surely remain blinded, unfruitful and not grow-we must go.

Never quit and give your enemy exactly what he desires. Continue to stand on GOD’S principles- you will grow higher. You will not be defeated! The moment you now have reached this agreement- meditate- “I will not cave. I will not be overtaken by wrongs done to me. I will not stay in the land of offense and defeat. I will get up and continue my walk. I will preserve all that I was taught. I will not act unkind because another has chosen another walk or mind. I will not be overtaken. I will not remain distraught, hurt, in pain or think of myself as forsaken. I will continue with the plan. I will walk out and move past this land. I will forgive. I will do it for me. I will unleash GOD’S yoke destroying power over me because I believe and my actions attest to all that I believe. I will commit to HIS way. I will walk one day at a time and for that the victory will be mines!!”

So now we know the ultimate plan of offense is to make us go after another way and plan. And to think it all starts by trying to keep you planted in the offended and hurt land of today.

Not us we let’s continue our walk with our hands raised up…. We walking and coming out in victory!

Romans 12:21
Do not be overcome (defeated, conquered, overwhelmed) by evil but overcome evil with good.

Live. Love. Learn…. Let’s Go!

Live.Love & Learn


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