The Bread of Life


Now what does this mean for us believers?
That in order to live (expand, grow, prosper, sustain, flourish, be well) we have a different diet of food that we must eat from.
That food is the Word of GOD. In order to live, one must grasp and obtain and dine from that plate. A plate of hope, faith, promise and life. HIS words are used to further propel our very lives.

In a world filled of troubles all their own, basic consumption of natural food will not meet our criteria needed to excel inwardly in life. Our diet must consist of partaking in  more spiritual food for our continued nourishment and survival upon Earth.

We cannot dine out at just anywhere. We cannot partake in fruits or diets not established and needed for our lives. We must eat as Jesus commanded to eat bread from another source. Bread (Manna) that will and could prosper our very souls. Bread that would establish and pour in hope, vision, nourishment and healing. Bread that would guide us along our ways. Bread that would bring life to our often weary structure and bones.

The Bread of Life
Freely given for all who desires new life

What more can be said but to follow and know that…

Man cannot live on earthly bread alone! But one shall live by every word that proceeds out the mouth of GOD.

Be Blessed on your path and walk.

Live.Love & Learn


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