I Support!


In a time of less true sincere engagement.. I sincerely encourage and engage.

In a time of less applauses and congratulations from supporters… I applause and congratulate.

In a time of less love and concern shown… I show and display.

I know the behind the scenes well to graduate you to that day.

Although each story is different

It contains and holds to each it’s own victory.

And why would I do these things one could ask..

Because although it is a person’s brief moment of shine.. I know the sharing of that is indeed something special for them at that time.

I know it also defines an unstated time for them. It is equally tied up into their accomplishment. A time of hard work, devotion,sacrifice and maybe even tears to get them there. I know all too well.

So I like being apart and supporting others who I know have also traveled far to get to where they are. I support because I know what it is like for the small support needed during your continuous climb to acheivements.

And even if by chance the world may never give it a chance or even acknowledge it with a glance… I support because I know full well about the small secret and alone moments to get you there!
So when I see one reaching towards their goals and dreams… It continues to inspire me to fly as well in the direction created by UNSEEN!

I Am A Supporter of those of hopes and dreams! ❤

Live.Love & Learn


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