Not There!!!! 👉 Let’s Go


We can cry
It releases pain, disappointment and conflicts from inside
We can complain
It uncovers our distresses over things
Unleashes our thoughts in opposition towards the conflicts
We can mourn
It symbolizes our momentary acceptance of releasing old
It displays our soundness to move on
We can feel the combination of the three
We can allow days to become weeks
We can choose what we shall for our lives
I just insist that we continue to stand up & walk throughout
Continue to progress in spite of the pain
Continue to climb while a tear falls every now and again
We may very well have to walk without any answers given
Continue to endure
As we walk through the doors of new
Complain on the way but don’t let the complaining dare stop you
Mourn for a bit
Catch your break after a hit
Sit still for awhile
Rest, calculate and then move
We cannot die there
We cannot end there
We cannot allow a situation or people to consume our future years
We cannot continue to break
No matter who or what desires to see
We must continue to climb upwardly
Continue to fight
Continue to stand
Even if it is just you in that land
Walk with strength
Refuse to give up and sit
Stand up and dust yourself off
You been walking in blessed paths too long
You been enduring way too long
So yeahhh
We can very well cry
We can even complain
We could even decide to mourn over things
But hear this today…
That land you cannot stay
You cannot die there
You cannot plant long there
Stand up strong and repeat
Let’s go!!
A plan and purpose is soon in store
Pack it up and leave
Time to discard and abandon somethings
You can cry
You can complain
You can mourn
But you cannot stay there
So let’s go.

Live.Love & Learn


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