Life is a Journey – All New!


We have never been here before

So all experiences are new

Even the regular routines become new as each face a new dilemma that gets attached to our lives

With this being said…

Now we should know

Every experience and encounter is new

A lifetime of experiences drafted neatly together to distinguish and to make you- You!

No one living has every experienced the same scenerio exactly as you

No one living has ever experienced the same emotions towards a thing exactly like you

No one has lived to draft up ideas to calculate quite as unique as you

This is your life

This is your experience

Living and traveling around is still all new

You are granted years to develop into you

No one has ever encountered the same person with the same perspective exactly as you

You also my dear…

Are a magnificent gift and yes…

You, yourself could also be termed as new

GOD stamps HIS approval and calls you one of HIS best!

Live.Love & Learn


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