Never Alone


Sometimes we can feel alone on this walk although surrounded by tons of people.

One of the great pleasures of life though

Is that HE won’t have us travel like that for long

Beautiful thing when your reserves come by, stop by

Or just call with the thought of you brought to their minds

And the conversation flows as if time has not passed

Laughter fills the environment and permeates it to last

Sharing thoughts of distress

Thoughts of hope

Thoughts of future joy

Thoughts of encouraging things

Thoughts of one to the other mindset Gives you a hidden view

An inside look at exactly what things mean to them & you

“All those who can do without sugary drinks & things are super heroes,” I said

And we laughed away as we spoke on exercising and dieting

“I can’t wait for the day when all my dreams come to pass”- he said

At present he was hindered

Almost suspended in time

But a great and learned man so with all hope..soon shall be his time

We have two different religions

But both stable folks in discipline

We both already accepted that we can not be

A house divided could never stand see

I worship one way

And him another

But even in the midst

It doesn’t diminish or take away our deep love for each other

While we were teens

We had our romantic times

Times that as we recall them out to each other

Warm feelings embrace our environments

While smiles embrace our face

“I don’t know how you put up with me. I was a crazy teen.” I said.

“I just knew that I loved you and would have went through many more things.”

How sweet I thought

Two folks passing by and keeping each other encouraged on their seperate but committed roads in life.

“I would marry you today, Ms. Harris!” and we laughed .. But despite the amusement shared we both knew that to be true.
But no more disappointments to ourselves we must continue to…
-Hang on to Promise-

So that’s Love… When you want the other happy even if it may not be you. ❤

Live.Love & Learn


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