To Experience Flight & Life


Had a moment to change my screen shot today on my laptop

Before it was of a city road with the beautiful flashing lights

One set by the manufacturer and one I never bothered to personalize

Today.. However!!

This one represents me

Grace, Elegance and Poised

Even as I watch the screen now as I write

Poetic expressions and life ushers into my scene

New Beginnings is the word that immediately captures me

New Beginnings in writing and finishing up a few projects

New Beginnings of learning

New Beginnings of expressions

New Beginnings of a few pushed aside projects

It seems the new year has fallen upon me in mid year

Excitement is my immediate feelings

But I also know that with dreams and goals comes the difficult

The contant pursuit of those things that matter to you

Whether we spend our whole lives in pursuit to finally bridge between the day of dreamland into reality

It all is Divinely purposed and displays beautiful testimonials and experiences

It is well

Daily pursuits and goals should be magnificent to you

It shapes the mind

Details time

Places checkpoints in life from our experiences while among living

Display the inner makings of our beings while pursuing and giving

It surely details life

It surely says…Here I am, amongst the living

Here I am..falls and all

Victories and encounters through it all

My life is my experiences and here I stand graced, poised and elegantly tall

Experiences that cannot be disregarded or ignored

Experiences that whether fall or stumble it is apart of the true definition of life

The joy of living

Those living, experience unique details that accurately depict their being

What do I mean?

To live is to experience

To live is to draft both negative and positive to group together for future knowledge and wisdom

For example…

There once was a bird who tailored and cared for her young

Soon a day would come where the young would have to learn how to fly

The young might have had initial apprehensions but in the learning process it clearly defined the characteristics of living

But perhaps the young simply decided to stay

And sheild itself from the daily living experienced in today

What then could we accurately say?

That the young remains stagnant while breathing everyday

That the young abandons lessons that was beforehand destined

That the young would only be an observer through life

A watcher of growing grass

A watcher of other birds living and taking flight

A bird with wings but one who avoided necessary things

Then what could we actually call a bird who has wings but are never used ?

It would still be called a bird

But the other titles could simply not be given to detail their distinct living

Aka.. Majestic eagle

Flowing segal

Colorful parrot

And how tragic that they call the ones who do not fly…

Just…Clipped Wings of life!

Live.Love & Learn


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