Loyalty to Death??


What we  believe to be loyalty to others could very well become disloyalty to ourselves!

Love you!!!

You can’t wait for someone to notice or see your value.

You can not keep allowing someone the opportunity to get a picture of who you are.

If you desire for others to love you

Then you must show them and they must learn from you.

A girlfriend I had a few years back died due to complications with her health

She chose to love the job more than herself.

I am sure that is not what she presently had thought but she gave more value to that by her very own actions.

She neglected to call in sick to accurately get a full health report.

She thought she had time.

She thought she could make up.

And on the day of her death was her actual day off.

Monday morning came and the company would only send flowers while replacing who to them was just an employee paid by the hour.

What that showed me was that…

No company, man or woman can ever love you more than yourself.

Only You know what an emergency is to you! Only you know when you are feeling below normal. Only you can dictate how others can and will treat you. Only you give everyone else those boundaries.

Stop asking others is it okay to value you!

Stop asking others opinions in relation to the subject and strength of you!

All anyone else can give you is their direct point of view.

They won’t know your pain, your issues, your dilemmas, your circumstances , your need or your urgency.

You could very well tell them all these things but it will still be just a story heard and possibly superficially felt but it is your body. A mind, heart and body that you must protect.

These are Your feelings

Your life

Your distress

Your pain

Your neglect

Another will not value you more than you possibly value yourself.

So if you are expecting for the boss to say

Awww, dear, let me let you leave

Then you are mistaken.

Value you enough to love you!

If you expecting someone to say

Awww, dear let me do this and that for you

Then forget it.

You display and tell others what you will and will not accept.

Never neglect you for sake of man, woman, job or health.

You only get one you!

Everything else in this life is simply experiences.

Some gloried and

some not so but all & all

It’s just experiences.

Never put the dollar before your own health as well

You only get one you!

And who will ever know your story if you perish and have no experienced story to tell?

Love You.

You treat your fellow man as you would treat yourself.
Self Love

Don’t make a habit of loving others to the point of constant abuse and misuse of self.
If the subject doesn’t want to value you and you continue to stay…
Well then you learned the habit of abuse to oneself.
You learned to take poison, abuse and verbal attacks.
Step out and away from that situation and learn to guard your heart.
We were meant to live in peace.
A peace that GOD freely gives
So if anyone comes to take away that internal peace
Understand today… You have the option to leave.
Everything and Everyone that promotes unhealthiness to your being

Self Love


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