The Colorful Crayon Box of Life


What if life was all about discovering your identity before life, trials & love took its courses?

I sat back and gave thought to this. In life, since very early on, we were given restrictions. Some, don’t get me wrong, were very much needed but what about the other restrictions? What about the human set limits?

The ones that deter us instead of directing us towards where we would love to be.

Like the young adult who sings. Around others who never exercised or had that gift- they would often throw stones and various sticks. And let’s say that the gift possibly wasn’t all that great but as grown adults we know everything in life takes committed practice.

What if that young singer then dropped away from that gift? What if she decided she would no longer practice? What then?!

Years would pass away as she then devoted herself to other crafts and specialities. Although in another assignment- her dropped off dream still was inplanted deep.

What then happens as time progresses and she visualizes another reality?

A piece of her spirit gets broke. She got lost through the maze since others couldn’t recognize the gift that was exclusively hers.

I believe that many people on Earth has experienced this same encounter and trial in life. I believe that while given life, go after all your once buried but alive dreams. I believe if you don’t it can often leave aches and sore memories in your soul. I believe we all have great gifts to pursue and do. I believe each human comes with their own colorful crayon box. I believe often that when we try, along comes the others who threw their crayon boxes out. They snicker, they laugh, they taunt the visionary that be. Possibly not from meaness but just that they forgot their own crayon box along the way. Possibly others have then treated them the way that they now display. So they learned to operate in life with a quarter of passion. They then devoted and fixed their minds and sights on other things to fill the internal clashes. Things that could distract them. Things that could drag them away from their beautiful crayon box they abandoned one day. So in a sense, they as well became lost.

Lost but breathing but no crayon box to signify living. Who can ever say if they can go back to the beginning and now regain time and find their way?

After all , it takes leaving all others and bridging near HOPE. It takes being courageous and abandoning the prior damage and poison one previously had. It takes one step at a time, one goal at a time and then being handed another crayon box in exchange for the hard effort of fighting to come out.

I think after that then one forever and continuously reaches for Life and Light.

Meanwhile, she wrote this while taking out another color from her beautiful crayon box.


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